Specialized Medical Clinics

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You haven’t been feeling well for a while. You would go to the doctor, but you are not sure who you need to see. So look at the Medical Clinic to whom you can turn.

If you do not have any severe symptoms of a disease, it is best to go to a primary care medical clinic. General practitioners are employed there who can perform your detailed examination. They can also perform the appropriate analyses, on the basis of which they will diagnose your disease. If it is a disease that is easily treated, they will prescribe medicines and therapies that you must take regularly, and your health will soon be good. If they find that you have some major problems, they will refer you to a medical clinic where doctors specialize in a certain field of medicine.

A general practitioner cannot help you when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases. For that, a gynecologist is needed for women, and a urologist for men. In some clinics, it happens that these specialists collaborate in joint work. However, there are generally separate medical clinics, a separate one for gynecology and a separate one for urology.

Medical Clinic

In addition to various diseases that must be cured, women must also visit a gynecologist during the entire pregnancy. A specialist doctor must monitor the condition of the woman as well as her baby for nine months. As soon as a woman suspects that she is pregnant, she should consult a gynecologist. The doctor will immediately do all the necessary tests, in order to establish whether everything is in order. He will also measure the woman’s weight, so he can monitor how much weight a woman gains during pregnancy. It is not advisable for pregnant women to gain a lot of weight, because it will first bother them, and then their babies. That is why it is necessary to go at least once a month for controls. Then the doctor will do an ultrasound, where he will be able to see how the baby is progressing. He will also always do all the necessary analyzes and give advice on maintaining the pregnancy.

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